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Why not


It's not unusual to see a girl in latex when you are in the Swedish forests. And it makes total sense to wear latex out in the woods, special with high heels.

But who can say no to a black catsuit




Some random rambling... I have not had the energy to do a photo shoot in a while. Or fix my make up/ hair / whatever. So sick and tired of people trying to put people down. So much negativity and greedy people in this alternative model scene. Well over all. Social media is a "must". I kind of have to keep that up. It's funny to see all the smoke and mirrors that people put up on social media. I do it too, no secret there. Real life vs social media life. 🤷‍♀️ Yes, easy to say to just ignore the negative but it is not easy 😅no need to comment on that hehe.

Fake accounts and fake people. Scamming the shit out of others just to make a few bucks. Its hard to stay positiv in all that. And it really makes me happy when i see people competing, sharing and supporting my work. It makes all the negativity a bit easier to pass thru.

Remember, you are the best! <3