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Los Angeles

So a little updated from my trip to LA. Had a fantastic week there! Just what i needed :P Perfect summer weather, due to the shitty weather in Sweden... Fantastic food, so if you are vegan Santa Monica and Venice beach had it all :D But was a little bit chocked that everything closed around 10pm.. :o But me and my friend found a steakhouse that was opened to 1am so... they did have fantastic drinks there :P And of course, universal studios... It was ok :P Could be better could be worst hehe. But it was fun, specially the Jurassic world park :D

Did make time for 2 photo shoots :D One with Richard Marz Photography and one with SH Photography.


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Something new

I got this lovely transparent blue dress from Inner Sanctum <3

So me and Belinda Bartzner - Photography went out last weekend to do a photoshoot with it, hope you like them ;)


Fetish Evolution 2015

So my first visit to Essen and Fetish evolution. It was very interesting to fun to see how every event is different to each other :)

I arrived on friday evening, and was mostly waiting until Starfucked to arrive.

I hade this amazing blue/purple dress from Brigitte more / lovely latex on.


Love transparent blue <3 Such amazing color.

Well of course i had to change clothing ... why not right.


Day two was time for photo shoots, fetish fair and the international awards :)

First time i did a photo shoot with soul focus studios, Lucas you are an fantastic man :D So much fun! :)

And no please do not by fucking white latex -.- I did buy this amazing white latex outfit with metallic blue details... Love it!!

I was super careful and after the photo shoot i washed it and nothing was wrong... But as confused and split i can be sometimes :o i was just going to hang it on a hanger so it could dry.... Did not think much of it...

Later when i was going to pack it down... Guess what. The fucking hanger was bad metal and not wood (as all the other hangers in my closet at the hotel was) And of course i get this HUGE strip of metal stain on the back and on the from of the top :( So sad... sucks. So no more white latex </3 :(


Anyway the international awards was nice. :) Good company and greta organized :)

No i did not win but congrats to Nicole De Santo <3 For winning the Best international fetish model :D

But i was happy anyway, got a present from vivid shine <3 and i was the only one that took my champagne glass with me up on stage haha so i look like a drunk and happy model :P 11149526_632604003542121_2754787270315683149_n



And for the 3rd day was the big party but i do not have that much photos from it yet :/

But i have one from my photoshoot with CoJac Photography :D

I have to say, yellow latex is growing on me more and more, love it! So cool color !


Outfit from bonding and shoes from Fabulously fetish <3

And here is ONE photo so far from my show for Vex clothing :D More to come ;)



Also more photos from my big flyer photo shoot for the next flyer of Fetish Evolution  :D But it will be a secret until the flyer is done ;)



xoxo Psylocke

Hotel photoshoot

So just got back home after a days of photoshoot with Belinda Bartzner - Photography :)

The room we got was very nice but the problem was that the AC did not work (well a little but not good enough...) So we got a tiny fan that did not help us at all anyway hah.  It was about 30 celsius outside and we took this hotel room just because it said AC .............

We started with this corset set from  HW Design Latex .


After that it was time for the catsuits... if only we had a good ac :(

Catsuit from Fantastic Rubber and girdle corset from Lacing Lilith Latex Couture . Sadly my matching hood did not arrive in time for this photoshoot but when it dose i will of course take some photos of it :)


And then some more rubber :P Neck corset and a 18' under bust corset, hood, high heels and a bad AC :P oh the joy and ohmy the heat was a little to much :(

But thanks to Psychadelica style and design that helt me lace all the corset, shoes and tried to keep me nice and cold :P She is a trouper !


After this photoshoot we ant to eat some yummy food. And had a little break. We was lucky that it just started to rain so it was very nice and cold outside and it staid like that all evening :)

We did shoot one more outfit after the dinner but we all was exhausted so we had to stop... But we did do a quick photoshot this morning before we had to check out :P



All in all i think it was a fantastic day/evning/night.  Now i just have to clean all clothing .. uh..