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Sunday morning

Last year me and Belinda Bartzner - Photography did this photoshoot. It turned out better then i thought due to it was the last minut planed, I had just got this tiny weird smoke bombs to try out. So we decided to see it we could do something with them.

A very very ice cold Sunday morning we went out in the forest near to there i live. I have been walking past this location a few times before and just thought it would be a little field with some high grass and so on... But no, it was more like a swamp. I was sinking in freezing cold weather, the smoke bombs was ridiculous, the smoke was so toxic, so hard to get them to do smoke, so we burnt our fingers, the time of the smoke when we finally got the to start working was only for a few seconds and of course the wind was not on our side ! :D

But we manage to get a few amazing photos! :D

Mesh body from HIDDEN CULT

xoxo Psylocke

Something new

I got this lovely transparent blue dress from Inner Sanctum <3

So me and Belinda Bartzner - Photography went out last weekend to do a photoshoot with it, hope you like them ;)


Dominatrix Party 13th-15th nov

Going to Dominatrix Party this weekend! See you there! <3


Just a few days left on my calendar offer <3
Don't miss it! This one will be in the Latex calendar and yes i have a lingerie calendar too ;* You can pick your favorit, I have both in A3 and A4 size.
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Photo by Belinda Bartzner - Photography
Latex from House of Harlot