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White Rabbit

Oh what a fun shoot, burned my finger on the smoke grenade, eaten by the mosquitoes and squeezed into a tiny tiny corset in the summer heat ;) Glamorous life of modelling.

Anyway, this outfit is inspired by Guillermo Meraz illustration of the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland.

Photo: Peter Dominix 

Latex outfit: HW Design

More photos coming soon ;)

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  • White Rabbit

xoxo Psylocke

Shyvana from League of Legend

For 2016 and all the up coming comic con i would like to have this outfit made: Shyvana from League of Legend.

Its an character that i personally think is one of the best and most bad ass from LoL. And I would love to cosplay her. She is a half-breed born from the union between dragon and human.

And to be even able to make this I have asked Cig Neutron for help to make this. He is and amazing spfx artist and  is very exited to make this!

But this outfit is costing around 10,000 usd to make (which I understand) Im saving as much as I can for this but still have a long way to go So I'm asking all my fans, cosplayers and League of Legend fans if you would be interested to help out. Any dollar is closer to a result :D

If you would like to help out, send your funds to my paypal account: