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Why not


It's not unusual to see a girl in latex when you are in the Swedish forests. And it makes total sense to wear latex out in the woods, special with high heels.

But who can say no to a black catsuit


Where I am

There is a lot of fake accounts out there.
No I do not and will not add you to my private profile on Facebook, I do not have a private snapchat. I do not have a cam show, or ask you to send money over PayPal and so on.
Here is my official social media names and links:
Facebook: Psylocke
Twitter: Psylockemodel
Snapchat: Psylocke_Model
Instagram: Psylocke_Model
Tumblr: Psylockemodel


Photo by Alx
Latex from HW Design Latex



White rabbit part 2

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  • White rabbit

Oh what a fun shoot, burned my finger on the smoke grenade, eaten by the mosquitoes and squeezed into a tiny tiny corset in the summer heat ;) Glamorous life of modelling.

Anyway, this outfit is inspired by Guillermo Meraz illustration of the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland.

Photo: Peter Dominix 

Latex outfit: HW Design

Latex <3


This catsuit is one of my oldest outfit in my latex collection. Over 10 years old 😜not the perfect fit but works just fine 👌 If you take care of your latex, wash it, clean it and store it properly it will last longer 😊 I use zip bags and normal plastic clothing bags from Ikea to store my clothing 🤗

Dubble trubbel

First photo shoot with James MSLB :D

Co model, Lara Aimee Official

A very cloudy day in Gothenburg, Sweden. And the bridge that we was suppose to shoot at, well that did not exist anymore haha. Oh well but we found this lovely wall, so that is something ;) So I think this was taken during my birthday (?) don't remember :P

Los Angeles

So a little updated from my trip to LA. Had a fantastic week there! Just what i needed :P Perfect summer weather, due to the shitty weather in Sweden... Fantastic food, so if you are vegan Santa Monica and Venice beach had it all :D But was a little bit chocked that everything closed around 10pm.. :o But me and my friend found a steakhouse that was opened to 1am so... they did have fantastic drinks there :P And of course, universal studios... It was ok :P Could be better could be worst hehe. But it was fun, specially the Jurassic world park :D

Did make time for 2 photo shoots :D One with Richard Marz Photography and one with SH Photography.


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