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Doing a new heavy rubber photo shoot with Tzr next Tuesday :D This is from our last one, wearing a hood form Brigitte More.

Exclusive Prints

**Exclusive Prints **

Fridays are great and full of surprises! :P
Here is one from me! Exclusive limited print offer <3
You have two never before published latex photos to choose from, get a personal message or video from Me, OR be super brave and get the secret Unique Print! ;) You will be the only one in the world to own this print!
Have a look at and feel free to spread the word. <3

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :*



 Did a quick little photo shoot with Daniel Kopp during my trip in Berlin. =)

Any fans of high heels and fishnet stockings? ;)

Latex dress from House of Harlot.



I have added some extreme high heels to my wish list. You can see my wish list HERE

And of course if you buy something you will get a personal video of me walking in them  =)

xoxo Psylocke

HW Design at German Fetish Ball



Just 2 more weeks till German fetish ball 💕 I am organising the fashion show for HW Design 💙🙌 in our show you will see Miss Mandy , Dutch Dame  , Lara Aimee , Miss Mirjana , Miss metnal  ,Redsky , Mery SP , Lotte ,  Pandalie ,  Jasmine Suzannav , Sara Scarlet , Amrita wings 💙😍💙 A new collection from hw design 😏 Don't miss this!

Photo by Sister Sinister 😘

Let me help you clean this shit up


I always has so incredibly fun when I am shooting with coJac photography. This shoot was no exception! We photographed in coJac photography studios basement. I only thought it would be some toilets and so on.. It was BUT there was this smell. It smelled like a mixture of death and something rotten and more rotten things  on top of that.
But thanks to the hood, some smell disappeared  many because I could not really breathe haha :D

We borrowed this incredibly stylish outfit from - Latex Fetish Fashion. Catsuit, top, skirt and little small accessories. Love this!

xoxo Psylocke