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Rubber Fifi

Im so happy to be a part of the Rubber Fifi  story.

This story is taking place in space and Rubber Fifi is saving me from space jail :P Im so impressed with the detail and work behind this set up, well all the work, please go and check out Rubber Fifi for more! I love to go back and shoot some more :D
Latex: Hood, eye patch and stockings Ardita Fetish Fashion / Harness Lacing Lilith Latex Couture
Photo: Foto Ardi


HW Design

Photo by Moa P

Latex from HW Design Latex




Something new

I got this lovely transparent blue dress from Inner Sanctum <3

So me and Belinda Bartzner - Photography went out last weekend to do a photoshoot with it, hope you like them ;)


JENHELL photography

Photo by JENHELL photography andco-model ElegyEllem Model & Performer
Both wearing catsuit a from House of Harlot

Whislist ;)

xoxo Psylocke


Josefine Jönsson

Oh flash back. So back in 2012 (?) I did my first photo shoot with Josefine Jönsson :P When i hade black and blue hair after a job as a hair models job (sadly i did not keep it :( )


Latex dresses from Naucler Design

Faux fur jacket from Designer Elle Frostegard




coJac photography



coJac photography is one of my favorit photographers. We always have so much fun and the result is always on top! :D

Here is 4 photos from our latest shoot. And of course i forget to bring my hood + leg straps, typical me :P

It was super cold half rainy/foggy day in Utrecht, Netherlands. Jacco found this small tiny building with a small mini bridge from the street up to the gate :) Not much room to move around specially not with high heels. Im wearing this smoky black catsuit with black gloves, corset and a harness from Lacing lilith and a pair of knee high boots (from my amazon list, thank you very much :* )


I can not wait to plan my next photo shoot with jacco and creat some more amazing photos!


xoxo Psylocke


Stockholm part two

After the morning photo shoot with Daniel kopp we went to meet up with Josefine for our second photo shoot. Super exiting except that we was suppose to be outside :P Anyway Josefine had found this location with a stone stairs that was a bit off so we hoped that it was not to be crowded with people. But it was, every 5 minuts or so we hade to stop because someone wanted to go up/down hehe. Not much you can do then move and wait :P

I also brought these smoke bombs in different colors, I think it worked pretty good ;)

Photo by Josefine Jonsson photography

Co model Shelly d'Inferno

Strap harness from Miss Overdose


A few month ago me, Daniel and shelly did an amazing photo shoot at Stockholmsförgyllnings studio. So many amazing things to shoot with :o And the owner was so nice to let us shoot there :D

Shelly was in town to preform at a event and we have been talking for a wail to do a shoot together.  So wail she was in stockholm we did this photoshoot and another during a freezing cold fall day :'D

Photo by Daniel Kopp - Photography

Co model Shelly d'Inferno
Red dress from Pandora Deluxe Latex

Catsuit from Bondinage