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White Rabbit

Oh what a fun shoot, burned my finger on the smoke grenade, eaten by the mosquitoes and squeezed into a tiny tiny corset in the summer heat ;) Glamorous life of modelling.

Anyway, this outfit is inspired by Guillermo Meraz illustration of the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland.

Photo: Peter Dominix 

Latex outfit: HW Design

More photos coming soon ;)

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  • White Rabbit

xoxo Psylocke

Happy Birthday to me ;)


Happy birthday to me 🙈😜🎉
One year older 🙄
Thank you all for your love and support!! 💕😍

If you would like to get me something for my b-day, HERE is my wish list 😘

Updates :P

Hello Everyone!

Im sorry that i have not been so active here ._.

BUT! I have some very exciting things going on :D Can not tell you all yet but it will be amazing!

Things i can tell you is

  • I might do a calendar this year! Yes! 99% sure =) What would you want to see? Lingerie, latex, heavy rubber, cosplay? Send me a PM :*
  • I will put up a sale album soon there i will be selling some latex clothing and shoes.
  • Less then a month until my birthday :o So i updated my wish list ;P  --> HERE <--


Some random selfie , have a nice weekend! <3




Heavy Rubber

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  • Heavy rubber


Doing a new heavy rubber photo shoot with Tzr next Tuesday :D This is from our last one, wearing a hood form Brigitte More.

Rubber Fifi

Im so happy to be a part of the Rubber Fifi  story.

This story is taking place in space and Rubber Fifi is saving me from space jail :P Im so impressed with the detail and work behind this set up, well all the work, please go and check out Rubber Fifi for more! I love to go back and shoot some more :D
Latex: Hood, eye patch and stockings Ardita Fetish Fashion / Harness Lacing Lilith Latex Couture
Photo: Foto Ardi