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Los Angeles

So a little updated from my trip to LA. Had a fantastic week there! Just what i needed :P Perfect summer weather, due to the shitty weather in Sweden... Fantastic food, so if you are vegan Santa Monica and Venice beach had it all :D But was a little bit chocked that everything closed around 10pm.. :o But me and my friend found a steakhouse that was opened to 1am so... they did have fantastic drinks there :P And of course, universal studios... It was ok :P Could be better could be worst hehe. But it was fun, specially the Jurassic world park :D

Did make time for 2 photo shoots :D One with Richard Marz Photography and one with SH Photography.


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Updates :P

Hello Everyone!

Im sorry that i have not been so active here ._.

BUT! I have some very exciting things going on :D Can not tell you all yet but it will be amazing!

Things i can tell you is

  • I might do a calendar this year! Yes! 99% sure =) What would you want to see? Lingerie, latex, heavy rubber, cosplay? Send me a PM :*
  • I will put up a sale album soon there i will be selling some latex clothing and shoes.
  • Less then a month until my birthday :o So i updated my wish list ;P  --> HERE <--


Some random selfie , have a nice weekend! <3




HW Design at German Fetish Ball



Just 2 more weeks till German fetish ball 💕 I am organising the fashion show for HW Design 💙🙌 in our show you will see Miss Mandy , Dutch Dame  , Lara Aimee , Miss Mirjana , Miss metnal  ,Redsky , Mery SP , Lotte ,  Pandalie ,  Jasmine Suzannav , Sara Scarlet , Amrita wings 💙😍💙 A new collection from hw design 😏 Don't miss this!

Photo by Sister Sinister 😘

Dominatrix Party 13th-15th nov

Going to Dominatrix Party this weekend! See you there! <3


Just a few days left on my calendar offer <3
Don't miss it! This one will be in the Latex calendar and yes i have a lingerie calendar too ;* You can pick your favorit, I have both in A3 and A4 size.
Get it here --><--

Photo by Belinda Bartzner - Photography
Latex from House of Harlot

New photos

Got some new photos :D Im wearing HW Design.

I have to say that i really love yellow latex :o Yellow is not at all my favorit color but i have to say it is a pretty cool color in latex :D

And this hairstyle, oh my so different for me.. But i do love that too.



Im also going to London 23-25oct. For Torture Garden :D Can not wait to get back to London again <3

German fetish ball

So im in Berlin now having a great time :D Trying to have some holiday too hehe.

I have a bit of a busy weekend but that is how it should be.


On sunday i will be walking for Lacing Lilith during the German fetish ball event, see you there i hope!

(yes i will be at the FetishGuerilla Revolution on friday evening too! )




Upcoming Traveling Dates

Upcoming travel dates

8-17 May - Berlin,DE

German Fetish ball. Will be walking for Lacing Lilith. Available for paid photoshoots only.

17-19 May - Köln, DE

Available for paid photoshoots only.

28-29 May - Warszawa, PL

Will be performing at Fetish FUCKtory.

29-31 May - Stockholm, SE

Show for House Of Harlot at Stockholm Fetish Weekend.

Photo by Belinda Bartzner - Photography
Latex dress from Pandora Deluxe Latex

Simon O has a contest where you can win some amazing prices <3

It is a public voting and you can vote everyday but you need to register your email when you vote and then follow the link that will be sent to your email :)

Please send me some votes and love <3

--> VOTE HERE <---

xoxo Psylocke