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Miss Fetish Europe 2014

Wiiieee i am so happy,  i got the titel 2014 <3 Im so thankful for all the suport and help i have got from my fans and the one i have worked with this year.


And congrats to Starfucked for 2nd place and Morrigan Hel for 3rd place <3 Also congrats to Dani Divin for best up coming model




I have been a crazy weekend in Amsterdam during dominatrix party!

First it was the meet and great, that is always fun to meet new friends and catch up with everyone :D

Here is me, Jade vixen and Heidi over of essential latex 10509744_620747034720022_4130427115218700388_n

Idelsy Love, me and Jade vixen

Skärmavbild 2014-11-13 kl. 12.41.30

After the meet and great me, sister sinister and CoJac went away for do a potshot in Bondinage latex :D

We also did a small video. ;)



Morning after it was a photoshoot with bommi and inner sanctum.Tthen off to rehearsal for Rubberluv ( i was a pony ;) ) More photos of that later.

Skärmavbild 2014-11-13 kl. 12.41.09



But here is some from the fetish dinner, love my dress that lovely latex did for  me <3Skärmavbild 2014-11-13 kl. 12.41.20IMG_1892_LogoIMG_1938_Logo IMG_2004_Logo Skärmavbild 2014-11-13 kl. 12.41.0010525977_621246914670034_5128968859845330009_n

Skärmavbild 2014-11-13 kl. 12.40.43

Skärmavbild 2014-11-13 kl. 12.40.52

Thanks for an fantastic weekend!! <3




I'm on the cover of the latest issue of Massad photo by Belinda Bartzner - Photography and latex from MadRubb

And if you have a few minutes over please vote for me as miss fetish Europe 2014 -->
I would be super thankful if you could give me a vote and thank to you all that have already voted for me!!  hope to see you at Dominatrix Party 7-9 nov <3



So this time of year again. Miss fetish Europe public voting is here.

If you want to vote for me click HERE <3

I think i have worked hard this year and this price would mean a lot for me. I did come 3rd place last year but still want the first place of course, but i need your help! So if you have 1-2 minuts over please go and vote ( do not forget to click on the comfermation email ) =)

Vote for me as miss fetish! 


I have been doing some rope, bondage (not published yet but soon i can show some sneak peeks) latex fashion, heavy rubber photos shots, also had the change to work with valentina fetishdoll, been published in marquis, heavy rubber, skin two,  up coming publication in sinical magazine, been on the cover for bedeseme, and up coming cover for Massad.

I can say for sure if i do not win i still have had an amazing year! :D And looking forward to see what 2015 has to offer, don't you? ;)



So Belinda Bartzner - Photography has been editing some new photos of me, and some more butt photos :P Enjoy.

Also my pay site is sooooooo close to opened :D Any day now :D And now on friday I'm going to london (been ages sense last time :/ ) But now I'm back ;D First up is torture garden and I'm also doing a fashion show for  Lacing Lilith Latex Couture <3 If you see me, come and say hi :D

Im only staying for a quick visit, going home on sunday but it will be fun to party and meet some friends in london :D

Only 12 calendars left now :D Get yours here ! Im super exited about this and going much better then i thought it would go :D <3


Latex from  Lacing Lilith Latex Couture

Calendar for 2015

So this is my first calendar. I hope you will like it :D You can find it HERE or click on the photo below.

Its is a variation of latex fashion to heavy rubber ;) I have selected 13 photos that are some go my favorits from this year and one a bit older but still awesome.

A4 size. With glossy high quality photo prints.

Sorry but all month are in swedish.. Could not find any that are in english, well i did but they wear way to expensive ... :( So i hope you still will like it even if it is in swedish :p

Its only 250sek + shipping. You will have it before christmas.

Photographer: Peter Czernich, Belinda Bärzner, PervyImages,
Latex Designers: HW design, House of harlot, Torture garden, fantastic rubber and so on.


I really hope you will like it and that this one will go well.

Please share if you want!




Click on the photo to get to my etsy shop:

calendar 2015

More fashion then usually

I had a fantastic day with these girls! <3

Photo: Anna Ósk Photography

Make up: Hanna wikloff
Assistant Kendra Cheng
Clothing from Agnieszka Osipa Costumes


We were out at a large castle and took pictures on a hot September day. We were at the edge of the castle up on a terrace because there were a large group of people that had some big party or wedding there. So I hope we did not disturb them too much. But it's always fun to get to do something new and are incredibly pleased with how the pictures turned out. :D