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I have had the pleasure to work with the spanish label MadRubb a few times this years and i have to say they do some amazing fashion latex creations. :) Great quality and eye for details. They also have some amazing embroidery that is just stunning, something that i have not seen that much of before :)

If you have not checked them out yet, please do!

And if you enter PSYLOCKE2014 when you order from MadRubb you will get a 15% discount! <3



Photo FH Photo


Soon this website will be up and going still some small details thats need to be fixed :D

So here is a heavy rubber photo of me in the middle of gothenburg city with belinda bärtzner behind the camera  wail waiting for the website to be up an running <3


It was a bit cloudy almost rainy morning when i draged belinda up in the eerily hours of a sunday morning :p We thought if we going to shoot n the middle of the city we needed to be up before everyone else. To have as little people around us so they will not be in the photo :P

This photoshoot was our second for this morning and it went pretty well, just a homeless man and a couple that was out and running that ask us some questions. And yes the busses/cars did slow down a bit to look at us as well :D

Heavy rubber