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Some random rambling... I have not had the energy to do a photo shoot in a while. Or fix my make up/ hair / whatever. So sick and tired of people trying to put people down. So much negativity and greedy people in this alternative model scene. Well over all. Social media is a "must". I kind of have to keep that up. It's funny to see all the smoke and mirrors that people put up on social media. I do it too, no secret there. Real life vs social media life. 🤷‍♀️ Yes, easy to say to just ignore the negative but it is not easy 😅no need to comment on that hehe.

Fake accounts and fake people. Scamming the shit out of others just to make a few bucks. Its hard to stay positiv in all that. And it really makes me happy when i see people competing, sharing and supporting my work. It makes all the negativity a bit easier to pass thru.

Remember, you are the best! <3