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Summer day


Hope you all having a great weekend :*

The past weeks I have been super busy, lot of stress in my daily job... And now i know of hit rock bottom :P Did not know i was that stressed out. So making new photos, keeping all my social media updated has been a bit of a struggle.. (easy for example facebooked to put everything on a schedule post) but making the photos have been a bit slow... This on is from about 1,5 month ago. Hope you like it! =)

It was a early Sunday morning and me and Alx went out to the forest to shoot this and during this time we could hear a rave party going on but was not sure where. So when we packed up and started to walk back (about 50meters away) we found the rave :P The police had just been there and told them to pack it up and go home hehe.

Photo by Alx
Latex dress from HW Design Latex